Thursday, 1 April 2010


One of life's great mysteries. They appear all over the place mostly unexplained. However there are times when we can put a reason behind their appearance and over the last few months we blame the weather,water seeps into the road surface and freezes.As we all know water expands when frozen, this then breaks the road surface be it Tarmac or concrete. and before we know it there,s a pothole. But this is not always the case, poor reinstatement or materials can also be the cause of potholes.

Any way while out and about yesterday the number of pothole's in and around the ward seem to have grown, especially around Lingfield Green and Teal Road. We contacted the highways department and have had assurances that work on the actionable potholes is to be undertaken shortly. We have asked what actionable means and are awaiting a reply.

We will let you know


  1. Whilst accepting that blogs are a hurried piece of typing, in most cases, there is no excuse for poor grammar. Three full stops are not followed by capital letters; "there,s" should be "there's"; "potholes" does not need an apostrophe; a sentence cannot begin with "and" for it joins two arguements (or is it supposed to be a comma after "concrete" and not a full stop?)

    Such laxity in presentation of writing does not auger well for the writer's other standards.

    Even in the pink box, written with care one would assume, "behalf" is mis-spelt as "behalve". Are you only keeping one "resident" informed? What about the other residents?

  2. Thank you for the lesson, I will do better,

  3. So Ian is not Shakespeare, but he is bothered enough about his ward to go out looking at potholes. Keep up the good work Ian and bollocks to the punctuation police.

  4. Do you know, as a former English teacher, I was trained to believe that content is much more important than tiny gramatical errors! The old saying, " pot calling the kettle black" also comes to mind because I suggest the person who wrote the anonymous comment needs to look at his/her own spelling and grammar!!!eg Arguement should be argument.