Thursday, 21 October 2010



Whereas the Borough Council of Darlington, being the Highway Authority, is satisfied that such restriction is necessary to permit road surfacing works on Yarm Road by Darlington Borough Council, The Council in exercise of its powers under Section 14(2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, hereby gives notice of the temporary closure as follows:

LINGFIELD WAY From its junction with Yarm Road northwards for 80metres

An alternative route will be signed via Lingfield Way, Allington Way, McMullen Road, Yarm Road and vice versa

The maximum duration of the temporary closure under this notice is 5 days commencing from Sunday 31st October 2010. It is anticipated that the closure will be effective for 1 day on Sunday 31st October 2010

Civil Parking enforcement

As you will be aware we have been making preparations to transfer the responsibility of parking enforcement from the Police to the Council, the process of which is referred to as Civl Parking Enforcement.

Many of you will be aware that we have been working towards an implementation date in October. The transfer of power is reliant on the Department for Transport processing a statutory instrument through Parliament. The Council wrote to the Department for Transport (DfT) in August confirming that our preparations to introduce CPE would be complete for a start date of October. The DfT have subsequently advised us that due to other legislative priorities they cannot achieve this date. We continue to press the DfT to progress this matter as quickly as possible but the latest estimates for introduction are late December early January. We will be starting to ramp up communications to motorists advising them of changes from now until the start date

Loan Sharks ,

Following a recent enquiry regarding illegal money lending, I have included some information on the North East Illegal Money Lending Team for your attention.

The North East illegal Money lending Team operates across the region with the aim to tackle the menace of loan sharks on our estates and the damage they can do within our communities. Using targeted intelligence provided by victims, and enforcement partners such as the Police, together with organisations such as Citizens Advice, the team aim to arrest, charge and then prosecute illegal money lenders with a view to stopping their activities and removing them from the communities within which they operate. In addition to enforcement they also offer advice and assistance to victims with a view to helping them move away from the need to remain with loan sharks and get them back into the mainstream financial system. This assistance can involve facilitating rehousing, help with debt or budget management, assistance with benefits maximisation or even just a helping hand to open a basic bank account. If you are personally involved with a loan shark or have intelligence which would help the team prosecute one, people should contact the 24 hour freephone hotline: 0300 555 2222. Alternatively text loan shark and your message to 60003. All information is dealt with in the strictest confidence and you do not even have to leave your name or contact details