Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Ward Surgery

We held our ward surgery tonight, quite do. But several calls when we got back home saying they could not get to the surgery but can we look into some issues..

Our next surgery is also a PACT (Police and Community Together) meeting 24th March Eastbourne Sport Complex ( Bowls Club Building).

Monday, 8 March 2010

Grass Verges

I receive lots of complaints about damage to grass verges by inconsiderate parking. Several areas in Lingfield Ward suffer from this problem. There is however confusion about how to deal with it, The police are unsure about their role in enforcement and the council is the same. I and several other councillors have tried for clarification but it about as clear as mud. Criminal damage to grass verges to me is an offence, but because it is a vehicle is it is not a motoring offence. who should prosecute the offenders, again not clear. the council as the land owner or the police with their legal powers. Perhaps its time to form a real partnership and work together. for the benefit of the resident and our grassed areas.

Sunday Bike ride

The weather was good yesterday so I and a couple of friends jumped on the motorbike's and toddled of for a ride out. Up across the moors to Whitby, for Coffee and fish and chips, then back through Hemsley , Sutton Bank and home, 140 Miles. Sun shine all the way but it was a little cold. First ride out this year and we enjoyed it. look forward to the next one. Cheers Habboo and Cameraman, good company, Thanks