Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Ward Surgery & PACT Meeting

At our last meeting at Eastbourne Complex we had in attendance Superintendent Paul Beddow he reported on issues. See below
The next ward surgery and PACT will be on Wednesday 24th Nov at Heathfield School at 6pm.
Please note there will be no ward surgery or PACT in December.
PACT priorities for the ward are as follows as agreed by local residents at the latest meeting which took place on 27th October at Eastbourne Sports Complex

Shearwater Ave, Heron Drive, Flamingo Close Area

Over that last couple of years we have had a programme of footpath improvements in this area, slowly but surely the footpaths are being upgraded and repaired. This work is to continue with further work in the area due to start soon. Those residents that will be affected by this work will be contacted with details.

Teal Road Drains

Resident will remember flooding in Teal Road area, this has happened several times over the last few years. Emergency sandbags and gulley cleaners pumping away water are not our fondest memories of Teal Road, but the way people pulled together to help each other are. Ian wading through water to talk to resident and give support and ensure that the council did it part in helping residents at these trying times. We have campaigned for work to be undertaken by the utility companies in this area to increase the capacity of the drains and relieve the flooding risk for several years now. Well good news this work is to be undertaken soon. The bad news is the utility company will be using Lingfield Green as a storage facility and office We have sought assurances that any damage ect will be repaired and the green restored to th4e condition it was in before this work started. All resident affected by this work will be contacted and details around the work will be made available to you.
. If you experience any problems when this work gets underway please contact Ian & Lynne on 01325 741508.

Lingfield Point

There was a tree planting session at Lingfield Point on Saturday 13th Nov, 105 young tree whips where planted, this was done by the Friends of the Earth and a group of volunteers. Lynne attended this event and spoke to Kendra Ullyart, from Friends of the Earth in relation to the Arnold Pond Road area and they would be interested in getting involved with a similar tree planting event at Arnold Road. They are hoping to have another tree planting session in the spring; Ian & Lynne will hopefully be able to give more details nearer the time.

Arnold Road Pond

We are still looking for people to help with this project, we could be able to get some sort of financial grant to go towards costs to improve the area. There is an opportunity to put a proposal /bid together for a January deadline. Information about the process can be found on the following web site http://www.community-spaces.org.uk
So if you are interested please contact Ian & Lynne on 01325 741508.

Parking Heathfield School

Parking issues at the school is an on going problem which could be helped and alleviated by parents going to collect/drop off their children as follows:-
1. Do not park on Keep Clear lines outside the school – This is an offence and Fixed Penalty Notices of £30 will be issued to offenders.
2. Parking within 10 metres of a Junction is an offence and again Fixed Penalty Notices of £30 will be issued to offenders.
3. Promote healthy schools by walking or even cycling to school.
4. Park further from the school gates to stop congestion outside the school.
5. Be considerate and not park in front of residents driveways
6. Respect the grass verges and be aware that damage caused could result in prosecution. Contact details

Ian & Lynne 01325 741508 Mob 07779723384
Jude Ratcliffe PCSO 6521 Darlington police
Tel 0345 60 60 365 ext 661 4220 email:- Judith.ratcliffe@durham.pnn.police.uk

Talking together about a 20mph zone around Heathfield School

As we promised a date has been set for the consultation of the proposed traffic calming /20mph zone outside Heathfield School. This will be the 25th November at Heathfield School between 4.00pm and 6.30 pm. Drawings of the proposal and a questionnaire will be available; this event is for any interested party in particular residents and parents affected by the proposals. Please do make your views known on this scheme, the closing date for comments is the 3rd December 2010.
Ian & Lynne will be attendance to assist officers with any queries that you may have.