Saturday, 27 March 2010

Day trip some time ago.

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An old photo of a day trip from school, (Gurney Pease School)50 years ago. see now you have to believe the world was in black and white, Recognise anyone in the photo.
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Grass verges

The parking of vehicles on grass verges and the damage this causes to verges sometimes diliberatly,is frustrating and annoying not only to resident but to councillors, and staff in the Twn Hall also. We campaign and and challenge officers in the Town Halland the police to deal with this form of Anti social behaviour.
However it become more frustrating when the limited success we have in resolving this matter in some of the ward causes greater problem than we cure.

Many residents across the ward have taken measures to protect the verges in there street/road by placing small boulders / rocks on the verge to stop vehicles damaging them.
The council now face legal challenges over this practice and because of this those properties identified with boulders / rocks on the verges will be contacted with the request to remove them immediately. There are issues around liability / insurance etc if damage is caused to vehicles or a resident is hurt by tripping etc by the object placed on the verges.

So it seems we cannot win. Cost affective cheap solutions I not sure how we can cure this problem,As much as I would like to see all verges protected from damage from vehicles, Perhaps the quickest and easiest solution is those causing the damage ticketed or charged with damaging the verges.

I think the council should prosecute and the police be more proactive in dealing with this problem. Maybe naming and shaming the the local media might help. There our verges yours and mine .

Heathfield School Development

The proposals / draft plans for this work were on display at the School on Tuesday gone.I attended this drop in session and it was, I think a very useful exercises with a steady stream of residents parents and pupils dropping in to look at the drawings and talk to officers, staff and myself about the proposals.

This work will be starting later this year after planning consent is obtained etc. I have raised concern with officers around working times on the site. Access and egress by contractors etc and these will be formulated into the development planning.

We will also be monitoring the highways issues while this work is being undertaken.

Arnold Road Allottments

I Facilitated a Town wide allotment holds meeting several Weeks ago to discuss the Draft allotment strategy. At this meeting the Arnold allotment holders raised issues relating to their site, I agreed to organise a meeting for plot holders with the relevant officers and cabinet member so the Representation from the Arnold Road site could raise these concern directly with them. This meeting is now set for 21 May 2010 at 4.00pm (duration 1 hour), venue, the Club Room, Arts Centre, Vane Terrace, Darlington.

All plot holders on the site will be notified.

PACT Meeting

Thanks you to the all who attended the Lingfield PACT meeting. some interesting discussion and debate, The priorities remain the same for the Ward. ( See previous blogs Info)

Monday, 22 March 2010


The council spends considerable time and money dealing with litter and fly tipping. The reality is if people did not drop litter then the council would not have to clean it up. We receive lots of request for clean ups around the ward and on the Street Scenes programme works very well. However two issues around litter really annoy. the first is the inconsiderate teams and there followers using our sports pitches, often when games are finished the fields are strewn with litter. it doesn't take long to clean up after themselves and leave the area fit for other users of our open space.

But the real one for us is the throwing of rubbish from vehicles. Usually a take away package from one or other of the many food shops around the Borough. On Saturday I was walking to the local shops with my Grandson when white van boy disposed of his McDonald carton out of his van hitting a parked car and covering it in what ever was left in the box. That was as we were going to the shop, on the way back two further incident involving a coke bottle and what can be described as a pink lump of grunge with chips. Do we need this type of behaviour what should we be doing about it and how can we deal with such incidents.