Thursday, 22 April 2010

another task completed by Street scene

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Street Scene

Over the last week or so Street scene staff have taken a bit of stick from the media and others. While at times it seems like forever to get things done in relation to street scenes work. We fell that in general the service provided by them is pretty good. On contacting them the complaints are looked at by team leaders, we are them informed at what when and how the work will be done. Regular updates on progress also is forwarded to us. Yes there are times when we feel the work could be done quicker or differently but in general Well done street scene.

Junction McMullen Road / Yarm Road

There have been problems at this junction for some time with vehicles parking on the footpath out side the sandwich shop / cafe,. The problem being apart from the obvious about parking on footpaths, has been access and egress from this area. It is very close to the roundabout and pedestrian crossing points. Vehicles parking on this area are putting others at risk when they use this area. We had planters placed there some time ago and they not only look good but help alleviate the problem, but not stop it. We have now arranged for further work to be done here to reduce the problems. The installation of further bollards. birds mouth fencing and the relocation of some of the planters should go a long way to resolving this. The work is due to be undertaken shortly.

Planned Maintenace Programme

We often receive calls about Planned Maintenance on Council properties in the Lingfield Ward. Between 2000and 2010 the council has completed modernisation work to over 270 properties in the Lingfield Ward. The work has included replacement kitchens,bathrooms,fitting showers,electrical systems,fencing,footpaths as as well as the installation of energy efficient Combi-boilers.

The modernisation work in the Lingfield Ward will continue, in the coming years with nearly 200 properties receiving energy efficient Combi boilers by 2016.

Grass verges

The council over the last week have been repairing grass verges across the borough. Good news you might think. Well we are not so sure, The verges are being back filled with old road plannings and compacted down. We accept that the deep ruts caused by vehicles need to be sorted. What we are concerned about, is we feel this re-instatement could cause more problems than is fixes. We now have what looks like hard standing on the grass verge, this will encourage the parking of vehicles on the verges. The materials used do not compact very well and therfore will be scattered all over by vehicles, We have already had to respond to calls were this material has been used in Anti Social Behaviour, i.e throwing of the material at property and cars. Also when when the grass verges are cut by council staff there is a danger of throw back from the machines passing over this material. We have raised our concern with officers at the Town Hall and a review of this procedure is taking place.