Thursday, 28 October 2010

PACT Meeting

Superintendent Paul Beddow attended our PACT meeting on the 27th October. Paul joined Durham Constabulary last October having transferred from Cleveland Police and is responsible for the performance of Darlington and works as part of the Senior Management Team.

He provided the group with this years crime and incident figures which made impressive reading. Among other reductions he said that:

Crime was down across Darlington by 14% which was a reduction of over 600 offences and the police were detecting more crime than ever before.

In Lingfield, he reported that:-

Crime had been reduced by 26% and detections were up to 33%

Violence was down by 11%

Burglary down by 21%

Criminal Damage down by 62%

Theft from a vehicle was down by 33% and theft of vehicle were down by 12%

He also said that incidents reported to the police were down in Lingfield by 19%

Crime incidents down by 23%

Anti social behaviour incidents were reduced by 26%

Youth related incidents were down by 29%

He said, “These reductions are impressive and it is due to the hard work of the community, the police and our partners that were seeing these reduction across the board. We will continue our push to make your neighbourhood and Darlington safer and would like to thank the community for all their help in doing so”.

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