Thursday, 28 October 2010

Darlington Community Safety Partnership

Remember remember…
Bonfire Night is almost here and the Darlington Community Safety
Partnership has been working hard to ensure that this year’s
celebrations are safe and incident free.
School visits have taken place to drive home safety messages to young children.
Information packs from the Fire Service have also been delivered to local schools.
Information leaflets have been distributed around the area and letters
have been sent to “hotspot” areas reminding residents of
their responsibilities.
A system has been set up in Darlington for the removal
of bonfires on the days leading up to 5 November and
Enforcement officers will be monitoring known
trouble spot areas. Neighbourhood Watch
networks will be used as the “eyes and ears”
of the operation and will report any bonfires.
The safest way to enjoy Bonfire Night is to
attend an organised display. Darlington
holds one of the biggest and best in the
area at South Park. This year’s display
takes place on Saturday 6 November,
gates open from 6pm.

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