Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Teal Road Drains

Resident will remember flooding in Teal Road area, this has happened several times over the last few years. Emergency sandbags and gulley cleaners pumping away water are not our fondest memories of Teal Road, but the way people pulled together to help each other are. Ian wading through water to talk to resident and give support and ensure that the council did it part in helping residents at these trying times. We have campaigned for work to be undertaken by the utility companies in this area to increase the capacity of the drains and relieve the flooding risk for several years now. Well good news this work is to be undertaken soon. The bad news is the utility company will be using Lingfield Green as a storage facility and office We have sought assurances that any damage ect will be repaired and the green restored to th4e condition it was in before this work started. All resident affected by this work will be contacted and details around the work will be made available to you.
. If you experience any problems when this work gets underway please contact Ian & Lynne on 01325 741508.

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