Monday, 22 March 2010


The council spends considerable time and money dealing with litter and fly tipping. The reality is if people did not drop litter then the council would not have to clean it up. We receive lots of request for clean ups around the ward and on the Street Scenes programme works very well. However two issues around litter really annoy. the first is the inconsiderate teams and there followers using our sports pitches, often when games are finished the fields are strewn with litter. it doesn't take long to clean up after themselves and leave the area fit for other users of our open space.

But the real one for us is the throwing of rubbish from vehicles. Usually a take away package from one or other of the many food shops around the Borough. On Saturday I was walking to the local shops with my Grandson when white van boy disposed of his McDonald carton out of his van hitting a parked car and covering it in what ever was left in the box. That was as we were going to the shop, on the way back two further incident involving a coke bottle and what can be described as a pink lump of grunge with chips. Do we need this type of behaviour what should we be doing about it and how can we deal with such incidents.

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