Friday, 8 October 2010


As your ward councillors we are often informed about fly tipping. Litter, grass verges, road and footpaths repairs. Street scene and the Highways department deal with all these matter and continually feed back to us as ward councillor on the work they have undertaken in the ward week by week. As your ward councillor we regularly are out and about in the ward and we also give details to department on work we believe needs to be sorted in order to maintain the ward. However lots of the issues to be dealt with can be avoided. Reporting incidents of fly tipping with a registration number would help the council to take action against those fly tipping. Taking a second to consider dropping litter or placing it in the bin would reduce the cost of litter clearance. Drivers who persistently park their vehicles on the grass verges without any considerations for the damage to verges and of the inconveniences caused to residents and other road users. We have also received several complaints about Council vehicles and contractors have also been seen parked on verges and we take the same position with these as we do with any vehicle they should lead by example and not park on the verges and grassed areas.

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