Monday, 12 April 2010

Play Areas

When is a play area not a play area. Answer, When the Gates are locked. Good you might be thinking at last we are locking our parks and play areas again. Not the case because these gates are locked during the day at the moment. Where is this taking place you may ask. Eastbourne Sports Complex is the answer. Not only can you not get access to the play area but if you want to get from The Fairway, The Stray or Yarm Road to Bourne Avenue ,Hundens Lane or vice-versa, "No can do" because the gates are locked. This popular route to and from the nearest post office and access to the play area is not open. Why you may well ask.

We suspect it has to do with school holidays and the opening times of the complex.

We have asked officers at the Town Hall and we await their reply. When we know you will know.

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